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Industrial SMART Switchgears & Panels 


Switchgears & Panels LV

( 380V, 400V )

LV Switchgears

Fully integrated, smart, online switchgears

Synchronizing Panels

Bus Tie Ducts with complete installation

Automatic Transfer Switchgear (ATS)

Metering, Energy Monitoring & Metering Systems

Power Factor & Load Transfer Panels


Switchgears & Panels 


( 3.3KV, 6KV, 11KV, 132KV )

MV & HV Switchgears

MV & HV Motor Control Center (MCC)

Arc Proof with Vacuum Circuit Breakers

SF6 Breakers

Protection Relays

Bus Tie Ducts with complete installation

Fully integrated, smart, online switchgears

MV & HV Energy Monitoring & Metering Systems


Energy Management System

LV, MV & HV Metering

Centralized Billing, Storage & Control Station

Dual Tariff, Wapda, Generators, Peak/Off-Peak etc

Store many years’ readings, trends, curves & alarms


Industrial Automation

Systems with PLC/DCS

DCS/PLC Automation Projects

Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, GE etc

Addition & Modifications in existing PLC/DCS

Expansion with New I/Os, workstations etc

Addition of HMI pages etc

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