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Maximum Power Demand Control – Circutor MDC-20




The MDC-20 is a unit designed for predictive control the maximum demand for installation. It means that the unit connects and disconnects the installation’s electrical loads (non-priority loads) to ensure that the maximum power contracted is not exceeded. Management of the loads is done in accordance with the power rating of the loads, the maximum configured power, and the current energy measured. This system optimizes the consumption of energy in the installation because it allows the maximum number of loads to be used simultaneously but does not exceed the contracted power, which would result in high penalties. The unit is equipped with relay outputs that enable the management of up to 6* electric loads without expanding.



  • Demand management by disconnecting up to 6 non-priority local loads.
  • Expandable until 54 loads with 12 LM4I/4O units through the RS-485 port.
  • Instantaneous energy value reading through Modbus/RTU
  • communications or impulse input.
  • Synchronising impulse input.
  • Ethernet connection to centralize it in other applications or
  • communicating with remote peripherals on the Ethernet network.
  • Feedback load status control through the logic status of the inputs
  • Centralising consumptions by impulses.
  • Disabling load management according to schedule.
  • A simulation tool for verifying system behaviour.
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