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Manage Energy & Production Costs

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Buy Industrial Products in a CLICK ! Onw window solutions for indutrial professionals and procurement departments. Authentic and genuine products & services from Pakistani and international suppliers

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TRAININGS in Energy management

We provide Trainings in Energy Management that directly improves your Energy Cost & boost Production Profits. Both Technical and Managerial aspects are covered as per ISO50001

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TRAININGS in Energy management

W provide SMART SOLUTIONS to increase efficiency, lower energy costs thus boosting profits. Professional Trainings & Consultency.

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Supplier Registration

Sell your products to industry with our professional network of 50K+ (…and growing) industrial purchasers.

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Compressed Air Management System

Compressed Air Management system provides Control of distribution Air lines to measure and control the usage by controlling individual lines' and machines' usage.

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Compressed Air Management System

Our Oil Filtration & Purification System removes contamination, moisture & micro-biological suspensions in your oil.

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ENERGY Management System

ENERGY Management System MEASURES & CONTROL Electricity, Steam & Compressed Air consumption. System includes complete instrumentation, Control Panel and SCADA workstations.

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VOLTAGE Stabilizer

3-phase Industrial Voltage Stabilizer to ensure smooth production, get rid of fluctuations & variations causing shutdowns, machine stoppages and faults in electronic cards etc

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Online Energy Saving Services

We provide Online Energy Saving Services. Connect with us at:         Find out more

EPC Industrial Projects

Complete EPC Project Services in Mechanical and Electrical & Instrumentation. From Design > Installation & Erection > Commissioning & Start-up > Maintenance & Performance Evaluation.

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Pressure Reducing & Regulation Station

Pressure Reducing & Controlling Stations with complete Piping, Instrumentation, Anti-Corrosion, Safety & Security System

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HVAC Projects

EPC HVAC Projects, Cooling Towers, Chillers, Piping & Ducting, Automation & Controls.

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LNG, Oil & Gas Terminals

Complete LNG, Oil & Gas terminals. Complete 3d designs, engineering and erection services along with Electrical, Instrumentation, Fire Fighting and Automation Systems

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Industrial Chemical Reactors

Chemical Reactors for textile, Cement, Oil & Gas, Fertilizer & process sectors. Complete with Batch Control & Automation.

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Engineering Design Services

Complete Engineering Design from Basic Engineering to Detailed Engineering. Mechanical, Structural, Modelling, Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation Systems.

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Industrial Storage Tanks

High Quality Mechanical Storage Tanks with Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation Systems with Fire Fighting & Safety System.

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Heat Exchangers- High Quality

High Quality Heat Exchangers for Industrial Applications, Process Industry, HVAC Projects, Large Commercial Buildings etc. 

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Energy Projects


EPC Energy Projects. Power generation, Turbines, Boilers, Wind Turbines, Hydro Dams and Grid Stations

Energy Management

Complete Energy Management System for complete Factory and Departments

Profit Management System

Mill WIde System for Profit Management utilizing Production, Raw Material, Electricity, Steam& Cmpressed Air Monitoring and Controls

Industrial Automation

Complete DCS & PLC Projects with Instrumentation

Metering Solutions

Electricity, Gas, Steam & Compressed Air Metering Systems

Steam Flow Metering

Steam Flow Metering system for textile, Paper, Cement & other industrial sectors

Electricity Metering Systems

Electricity Power & Energy Metering Systems with Automatic Energy Saving System to minimize Energy Cost

Energy Audit

Energy Audits to minimize Energy Costs, Maximize Productivity and Boost profits - result: DOMINATE the market

Voltage Stabilization System

Industrial Voltage Stabilization System with Line Conditioning to ensure smooth Power Supply for factories & Mills irrespective of PEPCO fluctuations & variations

"Pakistan's Only Company providing complete Industrial Energy & Profit Management Systems"

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